Septathalon 2001 Schedule

P-Steink is honing his incredible athletic abilities weekly in tough UCLA intramural sports activites. Scott Dogg is training in secret in sub-zero temperatures in remote northern Illinois. Mat drives recklessly through the streets of Fresno, keeping the amount of adrenaline in his body at super-human levels. Jacob Netkins is immersing himself in the study of the biological sciences; searching, searching for some way to improve on the machine-like reflexes and efficiency of his body. Nathan Swift exercises... nightly. And J.K. Lundbego literally counts the days, hours, and minutes, until he can prove his total dominance in the Mad Figs arena, again. The MAD FIGS Septathalon, like a meal at the Dam Diner, just keeps getting better and better. You now have less than one month to train, and hone your skills with the hopes of getting second place, and a glare from the Animal (warning: do not try to take dollar bill from the Animal).

Friday, July 27

4:00pm - Frisbee Golf - Woodward Park
7:30pm - Dam Diner Dash - 1 mile from the Dam Diner
7:45pm - Dam Diner Dinner - The Dam Diner
10:00pm - Miniature Golf - Blackbeard's Pirate Course

Saturday, July 28

6:00am - Adventure Race - Woodward Park
8:00am - Ultimate Frisbee - Woodward Park
12:00pm - Ping Pong - Elkins Household
3:00pm - Bowling - Fresno State Bowling Alley
5:00pm - Barefoot Mile Run - BHS Track

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